Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel Reviews


The Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel is a new hotel with pool competing with the locally-established hotels and resorts. Although it is new, many tourists are attracted to the place since it offers a fresh accommodation for them.

Here are some of the things that tourists and visitors can expect from the hotel.


The Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel is located just 400 meters from the Ben Dam port in Con Dao. It is also situated just about a kilometer away from both the Con Dao Prison and Con Dao Museum.

This hotel with spa is situated in the middle of the village, so it is near key areas and stores such as cafes and restaurants. It is also close to the seafront, giving tourists a clear view of the seas and the beaches.

The hotel is also a good starting point to go to various attractions within the locality.

Style and Character

The rooms are simplistic but have tastes of elegance and modernity. They have the typical Asian house setting with the various furniture made of wood.

The artistry of the hotel can be seen on the tiles, walls, and even on the paintings hung on the wall.

Almost every corner of the facility has tropical plants as decorations, and this further strengthens the Asian ambiance in the hotel.

You will be welcomed by the tropical vegetation and flowers as soon as you arrive on their doorstep.


Services and Facilities

The Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel offers various services as a part of its hospitality to the guests, such as free Wi-Fi access and free private parking.

When you go to the terraces, you will be welcomed with the sight of the beautiful and well-maintained gardens which will relieve you from the stress of the travel and will make this place your hotel to stay in the future.

Their private bathrooms have free bathrobes and slippers, and these are replaceable upon request.


The rooms have interiors that are very stylish and of high class. Each room is scented to perfection and is perfectly maintained as if it is new. They have silk laundry bags and bathrobes in each room in addition to the toiletries provided.

Each room has spacious modern bathrooms that are up to the standards of foreign visitors. They are equipped with tissues, soaps, and bidets that will be very useful to visitors and tourists.

They also have safety deposit boxes that will be useful for visitors, especially when they are leaving their valuables behind during a day trip. 

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks in Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel are offered through the designated restaurants. You can obtain alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in their in-house bars.

Their menu consists of Vietnamese dishes that are cooked with locally available ingredients. However, foreigners and tourists can also go to nearby stores, restaurants, and cafes within the village. When craving for home products, visitors can buy imported food being sold in the convenience stores in the village centers.

Other Features

Other amenities include laundry and ironing services for those who are always out of their units. You can also avail of the free shuttle service to the destination of your choice, and request for tours held by locals who are friendly and have the capacity to speak English.

The rooms have flat screen TVs which are connected to the local cable. These rooms also have their own refrigerators (to store food brought by the tourists themselves), fans, and hair dryers.

You can also hire a scooter which you may need to roam around the place.

In general, although it is not a resort with pool, the Villa Maison Con Dao Boutique Hotel provides tourists with the ambiance of a resort like home that they deserve during their stay in Con Dao.