Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa Reviews


When visiting Sapa, you will always hear recommendations from the locals or even from past tourists about that one hotel with spa that stands out among the others. The Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa provides visitors with hospitable services that will surely remain in their minds for long.


Sapa, the location where we can find Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa, houses the legendary Ham Rong Mountain. Legends say that a couple of dragons were attached to each other as they climbed to evade the flooding. They wanted to detach from each other but failed, and as a result, both were formed into mountains.

Sapa also has a natural attraction in its Ancient Rock Field, which has an area of about 8 square kilometers. It consists of 159 alternating small and large boulders near the road side or paddies.

Style and Character

Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa offers a more traditional look than the other hotels in the location. You will notice that the architecture and interiors of this hotel with spa mostly resemble Asian designs. The hotel has a combination of stones and wood in order to perfectly blend with its surroundings.

The hotel overviews the highest peak of Indochina which is the Mount Fansipan, further adding to the nature feel of the facility.

The services that they offer characterize Vietnam and Asian culture – from their spa to the food that they serve. You will feel that you are truly immersed in eastern culture.


Service and Facilities

The Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa is a perfect mixture of European Alpine and Asia. You will have a view of the nearby mountain from a cozy location where you can have spa treatments. They offer reflexology and spa for a minimum price only. The location also houses an indoor swimming pool that is heated according to your preferences.

The hotel with indoor pool also offers sauna and a steam bath which give you the spa treatment that you deserve to have after a long day of hiking and trekking from tours.

They also exclusively offer a Victoria Kids Club where your kids can stay when they cannot join trips and excursions to the local community. This is located near the rabbit garden and contains DVDs, toys, and other recreational objects they may find amusing.


Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa, meanwhile, offers five types of rooms you may indulge yourself into. In total, there are 77 rooms you can choose from according to your specific needs and demands. These rooms have their own private terraces, wooden tiles and floorings, and a mesmerizing view of the Sapa Village, the lush gardens of the resort, or the famous Mount Mansipan.

The hotel with indoor pool has suite rooms that offer mini-bars which can be refilled upon the tenants’ requests. They also have fitness rooms as a complementary service for the ones staying in the hotel. You will instantly feel the village life with the cultural wooden finish of the rooms.

Food and Drinks

In the Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa, you will be treated with delight in their Ta Van Restaurant. The hotel with spa offers the best fine dining in the region according to variety, as they offer both Vietnamese and French cuisines. For colder seasons, you may stay within the bounds of the central fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the hotel’s food and their service.

For summer, you may stay at the terraces of their restaurant and enjoy the view of the mountains while taking your cold tea. These many features make this hotel one of the best hotels with spa in the locality

They also have the Ta Fin Bar serving hot red wine that is a must-try.

Other Features

Victoria Sapa Resort and Spa offers the same degree of service, with the hotel offering leisure activities such as Mountain Bikes (for Sapa explorers who want to take a trip to the locals individually), billiards and game rooms, Petanque, tennis court, fitness corner, volleyball court, and an optional excursion to the Sapa region.

The hotel has souvenir shops and unlimited Wi-Fi access for those who need to share the beauty of the location through their social media accounts. Other than the Victoria Kids Club, they also offer babysitting services for tourists who want to enjoy the fun of the tours and excursions without the dangers of bringing their toddlers with them.