Top 6 Must Visit Museums in Vietnam

Ah, museums – thousands of objects and materials under one roof, all perfectly preserved and organized. What can possibly be a better way to explore a country and its people than visiting a museum? To help save your time and energy, we have included below a list of best museums in Vietnam that promise you both knowledge and a good time.

Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts (Ba Dinh, Hanoi)


With 3000 square meters of display, the Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts offers you the best introduction to Vietnamese artistic history. Built on the base of a French boarding school, since 1966, this museum has been home to roughly 18000 artifacts and art pieces in various forms and styles. Coming from various historical periods, art works here don’t only show beauty, but the stories of their people as well. So walk into the astonishing world of pottery, sculptures and paintings, and witness the evolution of Vietnamese fine arts with every step you take.

War Remnants Museum (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City)


It’s likely that you’ve read about the First Indochina War in Vietnam and the Vietnam War on Wikipedia, or at least heard about them. If you’re looking for a chance to relive those horrific moments and get a feel of what it truly was like to live through a war, pay a visit to War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The museum demonstrates the devastation of wars through displays of various themes from weapons, vehicles remnants, to the consequences of the wars told through pictures. However, violence and devastation aren’t the only thing reflected in items here, but the people’s hope for peace as well.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)


Have you ever been to a museum dedicated solely to women? No? Then pay a visit to Vietnamese Women’s Museum the next time you’re in the country. Coming to the museum, you’ll get to know not only extraordinary stories and achievements, but also the ordinary mothers and sisters, about how they raised a family and built a country, through the Women in History and Women in Family sections. And I’m positive that after exploring the exhibition Women’s Fashion, you’ll find yourself slack-jawed at their skills in making intricate clothes and accessories. When all that touring has ended, how about joining the crafting class and bringing home a piece of  pretty jewelry you made? 

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Cau Giay, Hanoi)

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Located on an impressive 44 thousands square-meter property and just 8 km from the city center, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is the place to be to study all 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. 

Inside the museum is 15000 artifacts and multimedia materials depicting the daily life and culture of each ethnic group in details. Worried that you can’t understand every display? No sweats, all contents come with subtitles in English and French! If you’re an architecture enthusiast, the outdoor section is here to satisfy you with 10 full-scale replicas of ethnic structures, varying from houses to tombs. A section dedicated to the culture of other South-East Asian countries is in the same area as well. Additionally, the museum also holds attractive public events such as water puppet performance, crafts making class with artisans, or traditional games for children. What are you still waiting for? 

Con Dao Museum (Con Dao Island, Ba Ria – Vung Tau)


Con Dao is known as a top tourist attraction with its beautiful sand beaches and crystal sea. But as you may know, this island was used in both the Indochina War and the Vietnam War as a labor camp and political prison. Many artifacts illustrating prisoners’ lives and treatment in those times are now collected in Con Dao Museum. In addition, not just war stories, the museum will also shows you this place’s beauty through displays of nature and native art. A visit to this museum will no doubt make your holiday more worthwhile and sentimental.

Vietnam National Museum of History (Hoan Kiem, Hanoi)


The name says it all: This is a museum dedicated to Vietnamese history. The Vietnam National Museum of History was one of the earliest established museum in Vietnam, built with a harmonious blend of French and traditional Vietnamese architecture. Its colossal collection of 200.000 items is divided into five major sections, ranging from the prehistoric time up to the 1945 revolution and founding of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The museum itself feels like a vivid book on Vietnam’s history that you can explore at your leisure. If you’re still hesitating, ask yourself: How often do you get to see real national treasures in your life?

So, which museums in Vietnam are you choosing to make your trip even more memorable?

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