Six Senses Con Dao Reviews


Six Senses Con Dao offers visitors and tourists with a -of-a-kind resort for a day in Vietnam. Here are what you can expect when visiting the popular resort.


Six Senses Con Dao is remotely located 140 miles away from Ho Chi Minh City. The trip of the private pick-up service from Co Ong Airport to the exact location of the resort takes about 55 minutes.

The location of the resort is covered with natural beauty such as lush tropical mangrove and wide, beautiful seas.

This resort with pool is also home to the local turtles nesting with their young ones. In the month of May up to the month of October, tourists will be given a view of the nesting and hatching turtles. From February to July, the water is at its clearest, and this is the perfect time for underwater diving.

Style and Character

The resort has elegantly designed modern accommodations that blend with its natural surroundings to highlight a two-faceted beauty. From the moment that you step your foot on the resort, you will experience delight in seeing Vietnamese culture from its monuments to its cuisines.

You will not be disappointed with the architecture as they have wooden finishing which combines the modern with the more natural.

With the villa facing a wide beach and seas, you will notice that this mixture is well taken into consideration to bring peace and calm to the tourists without having to sacrifice comfort and modernity.


Services and Facilities

The hotel with pool offers various amenities and services for its tourists. For one, you may engage yourself in their locally-arranged activities such as snorkeling, skin diving, and culture appreciation tours.

They also have the hammam where you can have a steam sauna with Vietnamese ingredients and lotion. These aid in removing dead skin cells and in reinvigorating your body. This procedure is done with a heated marble bed.

Their spa features a background of Lo Voi Mountains that will surely help the tourists engage their inner calm.


For their rooms, the hotel with spa offers an ocean view and an ocean front deluxe pool villa, each offering unique experiences to tourists. The former is a two-level villa with an overview of the seas; the latter provides visitors with an accommodation situated right in front of the beach. Both villa types have en suite bathrooms and private infinity-edge swimming pools.

Visitors may also avail of the multiple room villas that can accommodate an entire family with its two bedrooms and a living room. This type of room offers the same view of the ocean for its visitors.

Food and Drinks

Visitors can never complain about the food being served in the resort as they offer a range of Western and Vietnamese cuisines. For homesick visitors, they may opt for the western food like barbecue and picnic meals. For those who want a taste of Vietnam, they may opt to buy local delicacies from the restaurant ‘Vietnamese at the Market.’

Its main restaurant, ‘By The Beach,’ offers visitors a panoramic view of the ocean while they have their meals. You may also opt to have a takeout from ‘Deli’cious’ or you may have barbecues and picnics at ‘Destination Dining.’

Other Features

The Six Senses Con Dao also provides tourists with a tour with the locals of the Con Dao Islands. Visitors will be able to have a view of their colorful history and culture from their morning markets and their sea life.

More adventurous individuals may engage in trekking and hiking organized by teams from the resort. While doing so, they can also experience squid fishing and coral discovering among many other activities prepared by the team.

There are also activities for the children such as the ‘Sense of Laughter’ where children can do artistic stuff like painting and sand writing. These activities further increase the resort’s reputation as the hotel to stay in Con Dao.

Nothing will offer you the ambiance of a resort like home like the Six Senses Con Dao.