Guide contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Transportation
  3. Destinations
  4. Activities
  5. Food
  6. Expenses
  7. Maps



My father has encouraged me several times to visit Mui Ne. This is the place where I am able to immerse myself in golden yellow of sunset reflecting on water surface and hours after.


(Sai Gon – Phan Thiet)

Most of car brands offer side service of transferring you directly to Mui Ne after reaching Phan Thiet. Some common names are Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, Tam Hanh… This way takes you 3 – 4 hours

For a shorter journey of 2.5 – 3 hours, you had better choose train. The train will take you to Phan Thiet railway station; from there you have to catch a taxi to get to Mui Ne (which is 30km away from the city center)
Transportation in Mui Ne, similar to other provinces, often motorbike and taxi are the best ways to get around.


Hon Rom beach
Hon Rom is a mountain connected to the mainland by a narrow sand path. On the southwest side of the mountain appears a g beach with a stunning white sand shore. Meanwhile, on the east we have unusual shaped rocks creating an exceptional scene. Standing in Hon Rom and looking over the distance, tourists can see white sand desert hills..

Golden Sand hill


Golden Sand hill reminds tourists of vast desert with shoreless sea sand. Different colors of the hill are the result of both sand and a hundred year old iron ore mine (there are approximately 18 colors across different parts of the hill). Due to the dissertation and wind, shape of hill changes every day. These noteworthy characteristics has attracted countless visitors to the Golden Sand.

Bau Trang – Bau Sen
Climbing to the top of the sand dune, visitors will be surprised by the large lake. Crystal clear water sparkles under the sun, covered with lovely lotus flowers. The ecosystem here is diverse with numerous fresh water fishes.

Cham Towel – Poshanu


Standing on Ba Nai hill, Cham towel is a pretty well preserved complex of Champ temples. Similar to Po Nagar towel that I have introduced in Nha Trang section (link bai Nha Trang), Cham towel covers all the essence of Champ architecture.

Dinh Van Thuy Tu (Van Thuy Tu shrine)


Constructed in 1762, Van Thuy Tu is the place to see the biggest collection of whale skeletonsin Vietnam. Behind central chamber, place the preservation rooms of 600 remains – the remains of whales that have drifted to the shore. The residents believe that this keeping of the skeletons is a religious act that will bless them with the safety when they are on the water. There are more than 10 over 150 year old hand written papers from ancient Emperors; and a bronze bell casted in 1872 with poem lines. They are all still carefully preserved.


Sand riding
Sand riding is considered to be Phan Thiet specialty because of the place’s special geological characteristics. sand riding activity providers are located in Hom Rom beach and Bau Trang

Beach activities
Mentioning Hon Rom, we have a list of beach activities for you: swimming, parachuting, jet skiing, and campfires.

Bau Trang has a diverse ecosystem with many kinds of fishes so it is a perfect spot for fishing enthusiasts. If you do not want to pay much attention to fishing, you can row the boat around the lake to pluck lotus flowers

Seafood market
If you wake up early one moening Mui Ne seafood market is the place for you. This seafood market brings you the most sincere picture of locals’ lives.

Exploring red sand dunes
The dunes are 2km away from the city center and lie right next to the sea. Contemplating the red sunset with red surrounding dunes is a sight not to miss.

Practicing kite surfing


Phan Thiet is a windy beach, perfect for kite surfing. Mui Ne beach is the most famous kite surfing port of the Asia. There are some centers training kite surf in a short period of time and with reasonable fees.


Banh trang mam ruoc (grilled paper rice)


This is the common street food of Phan Thiet. The paper rice is filled with rousing sauce, quailed egg, cracklings and other spices. Everything is rolled together and grilled on charcoal. The dish often appears in the evening on Tran Hung Dao – at the Thu Khoa Huan intersection.

Banh canh (thick noodle soup)
Grilled fish thick noodle soup is common in Trang Bang, Nha Trang, Binh Dinh but the taste in Phan Thiet is exceptional. The noodle is separated (similar to vermicelli); the broth is stewed with Phan Thiet fish bones with mushroom, quailed egg, and meatballs are added as well….
Address: 1 Kim Dong street and 566 Tran Hung Dao street

Goi hai san (seafood roll)
If you are tired of meat and noodle dishes, a course of seafood roll will definitely appetize you. The filling is not only fish but also snails. Fish roll is stuffed with local fishes: ca mai, ca suoi, ca duc. Fresh veggies, vermicelli and special dipping sauce are eaten together. Snail roll is composed of sliced murex, pork, fresh veggies, fry onion, grilled beans, sweet and sour dipping sauce. This dish is sold at 49 Pham Van Dong street or 125 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street.

Cuon cha ca chit Mui Ne (Mui Ne herring roll)


Ca chit (herring), accompanied with jicama, is processed into spring rolls then wrapped with paper rice, eat with peanut dipping sauce and fresh veggies
Address: 147 Le Hong Phong street and 122 Tuyen Quang street


Car passenger: 250.000 VND/1 way ticket
Motorbikes (renting); 80.000 – 120.000 VND/ day

Mid-end: 180.000 – 250.000 VND/day
High-end (resorts): 2.500.000 – 4.500.000 VND/day

Entrance fees
Fluctuate from 30.000 – 150.000 VND (depends on which site you visit, some are free)

20.000 – 100.000 VND/dish
100.000 – 200.000 VND/meal

Total expense: For budget travelers, it will cost for 700.000 – 1.000.000 VND/day