Mango Bay Phu Quoc Resort

Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Rating: 9.2/10



Mango Bay Phu Quoc is spread over 700m of sandy beach and over 20 hectares of greenery. This secluded location means that the resort is extremely private and the area surrounding mostly untouched, making this facility ideal for a romantic getaway, or simply a relaxing holiday. Local eateries can be found at less than a kilometer away, so even with the location, it is convenient to get around.

Style & Character

An eco resort with a consistent theme: rustic and  in touch with nature. The rooms are lightly but beautifully furnished, the public areas are breezy, letting in the wind and light, the garden brimmed in green, with stone steps, lakes and wooden decorations. The houses’ rooves are covered with palm leaves, resembling a regular Vietnamese cabin by the  sea. terraces and open-spaced seating areas, bar and restaurant greatly amplify the rustic style that is apparent throughout the whole resort.


Services & Facilities

The staff is overall wonderful, super friendly and always ready to answer customers’ queries. The kitchen staff, however, are  slow compared to other departments. The on-site  massage service is a must-try, with the masseurs’ outstanding skills,  herbal oils and treatments. There is no pool and no air-conditioning, so there may be some troubles with the heat. A common complaint about the resort  is that there are too many mosquitoes.

There is free Wi-fi in all areas.

Available services & facilities include:

  • Laundry/ Dry-cleaning
  • Spa & sauna
  • On-site restaurant
  • Private beach area
  • Garden and sun terrace
  • Library
  • Shuttle services
  • Massage


There are nine kinds of rooms in this resort, ranging from a standard room to a full bungalow, with different views – either to the garden or to the beach. The rooms are spacious and private, despite being designed so as to let in as much breeze and light in as possible. Decorations are limited,to maintain the rustic theme of the hotel. With its wooden elements, leaf rooves, high ceilings, naturalistic furniture and washed-out color scheme, the rooms are the best one can getin terms of natural apeal. As the room is quite open, however, there is no air-conditioning and insects can get into the room.

Amenities inside the rooms include: showers, lamps, free toiletries, and either shared verandas or private terraces.

Food & Drinks

There is only one restaurant in the entire resort – the “On The Rocks” restaurant. Main dishes include Vietnamese and European cuisine, so there is not too many options. The available options, however, are exceptionally tasty and fresh, and with their affordable price, is a great value for money. There is not many special things about drinks here, but the coffee served at the restaurant is really good and highly recommended.

The WE BAR – a cafe/bar is only 200 m away, so if customers want a good  night out, it is a great option.

Value for money

A 60 m square room that fits two adults and a child is available from $150 per night, with  breakfast included.


$150 per night

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