The Golden Rice Garden Reviews


The Golden Rice Garden can be your best Vietnam accommodation ever. Here’s why.


The Golden Rice Garden is located in Sapa where many minorities can be found, and terrains are almost always available for the many adventures it can offer.

You will have the local market named Can Cau. You will be exposed to the minorities wearing their traditional attire, a group that includes Flower H’mong, Phu La, Black Dao, Tay and Nung minorities. By 9 am, you will be exposed to a huge crowd of people who are in the market to purchase their daily needs.

Villages are also abundant. The Cat Cat Village has big waterfalls on stream and a hydroelectric power plant erected by the French.  The Ta Phin Village, meanwhile, houses the Red Dao’s people who possess a rich culture that is mainly untouched by modernity and technology.

Whatever you see in Sapa will truly amaze you. It is blessed by natural wonders that these hotels for everyone have further added to.

Style and Character

The Golden Rice Garden provides tourists with a more local-looking alternative to their lodging. It is different from the rest of the hotels listed here as you will be staying in a hut-looking room surrounded by farm lands. You will have an experience of the best hotel with a view at a low cost.

It appeals to many westerner tourists since they offer a different perspective during their Vietnam trip. You will be interacting with people who have a very different language than what you speak, but still can speak English. You will be waking up to carabaos helping their owners till the land.


Service and Facilities

The Golden Rice Garden offers the best hotel with a view with a more direct experience and immersion for the tourists who might be up to the experience. However, you will still find yourself having access to your social media accounts as they offer free Wi-Fi. They also have cheaper bike rentals which will be enough to take you around the surrounding village.

Although not a hotel with spa, the rooms are also very near the record-breaking cable cars in Sapa. The cable car is only 6.8 kilometers away from the locality.


The rooms provided by the Golden Rice Garden are very different from the other ones that you can find in Sapa. You will be given a room in the middle of a rice field, and you will be living like a local. The room comes with a terrace that will provide you a view of rural living.

The hotel rooms also come with private bathrooms and bidets that can aid you in having a more comfortable stay. They offer free towels, slippers, and other things that you will need during your stay.

Food and Drinks

Golden Rice Garden also offers food in their on-site restaurants. They offer drinks in their bar, making it convenient for you to rest after a long day in the field. Other than offering packed lunch for the tourists who will go on a trip to the surrounding village and mountains, the location is also near convenience stores where tenants can buy food to satisfy their cravings.

Other Features

On a similar note, the Golden Rice Garden also offers activities such as fishing and hiking. Tourists will have a good time immersing themselves in the local culture since they will be living mostly within the bounds of the local rural village and mountains.

You will be fully immersed in activities such as hiking, farming, and trekking as the Fansipan Mountain is only 11.4 kilometers away from the location, and Sa Pa Lake is only 5 kilometers away. Couples have been rating this location with high marks as you will spend almost all of your time living like a local.

When looking for hotels for everyone, you have the Golden Rice Garden as your lodging solution.