3 Days of Golf in Da Nang – Big Score

I am truly a golf junkie, so the first thing I did before I arrived in Da Nang was book a 3-Night Da Nang Golf Package. It was the best decision I’ve made in months.

The first thing I had to say was that the service was great. The staff were professional, considerate and friendly; they gave me an excellent impression right from when they picked  me up at the airport. The second thing I was very satisfied with was the 5-star Montgomerie Golf Links, a breathtaking 7090 yard, Par 72 Championship Golf Course. It was the one and only course in Asia designed by the legend Colin Montgomerie. After a brunch of delicious pho  the guide drove me to Montgomerie Links for my first course. The course was in great condition:  the grass was green and lush; the layout was challenging with beautiful golf holes. The view was also spectacular with wonderful beaches and the picturesque Marble Mountains as backdrops. Playing golf in such a breathtaking links-style course was just my dream coming true! The course provided the best English-speaking caddies who were friendly, competent and seemed to enjoyed it as much as I did.. The only drawbacks at this course  was the water was not free and I didn’t bring any. Therefore, I had to buy with the price a little higher than normal but that was okay, all thing considered.

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After golfing, I was transported back to the hotel. The food was delicious, the staff were competent, I really had nothing to complain about. I spent the rest of the day relaxing on the pristine beach drinking coconut juice. It  felt like heaven on earth.


The second day of my trip was spent in Da Nang Golf Club.Created by Australia’s ‘Great White Shark’ Greg Norman. The fairways were large and perfectly maintained, greens in the best shape, the course had challenging bunkers and interesting holes. The clubhouse was well appointed and the staff were helpful and efficient. However, the erratic wind was a little troublesome. I missed one shot into the trees and had to punch off the sand and pine needles along a safe line just to get back into play. Despite being a little pricey, it was worth every cents, since the experience easily outweighed the price tag. Everything was first-class; treat yourself and forget the price.

The rest of the day was spent visiting Marble Mountains, mesmerizing with stunning pagodas and striking caves. The most impressive thing was the illustration of what awaited people in hell carved inside of the caves. On the drive home the staff took me on the Dragon Bridge, from which I could see the twinkling city from above. What I didn’t anticipate was that the beautifully lit dragon spit fire! What a spectacle!

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On last day of the trip, I decided to explore the city. After a run on the beach and a light breakfast to start the day, I took a walking tour to visit Hoi An Ancient Town. It was amazing seeing the town almost unchanged for hundreds of years, so I was not surprised at all to know that it was a a UNESCO World Heritage site. The town was small yet beautiful, lively yet quiet; it gave me the peacefulfeeling of walking in the set of an old movie. The architecture was a unique combination of styles from Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Japan. The most memorable views were from the ancient houses and the hundreds of colored silk, glass and paper lanterns, sparkling, romantic and gorgeous. The traditional Hoi An food was a big bonus, available from street vendors.

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After three satisfying days on the beautiful land of Da Nang – Hoi An, I was transported to Da Nang International Airport for my departure. In summary: great course, great staff, beautiful town, definitely going to coming back.