2-day Canyoning tour in Da Lat – Adrenaline Junkies’ Dream

Being an adrenaline junkie, I‘ve always been a big fan of adventurous sports. That was why I joined the Canyoning tour in Dalat Vietnam without any hesitation, and I want to pat myself on the back for that. BEST – DAY – EVER!

OK just imagine: you’re on the top of a 11 meters tall waterfall. You can hear nothing but the water splashing and the beat of your heart; feel nothing but the breeze on your skin and the blood pumping in your veins. You close your eyes, and open them again. Take a leap of faith. The world blurs around you. But more than whenever, you feel alive.
Yeppp, that’s what happened to me.

CREDIT: youtube.com

But let’s go back to the previous day.
The guide picked me from the Chicken Village, where I was having the time of my life learning about the culture and lives of the ethnic minority people. We went exploring the tropical jungles and the rolling hills. Picturesque scenery, I even captured some really nice pictures of wild animals and rare butterflies! Cameras should always be ready because you never knew when a monkey would climb down tapping on your backpack (they are sly as hell, keep your snacks safe!)

Chicken Village. CREDIT: qdnd.vn

After climbing to the top of the 1,756 meters high Elephant mountain (its legend had been mentioned by the villagers for so many times that I just had to climb it once), we took a short break and some pictures – the view from the mountaintop was simply breathtaking. After that, we went down to a peninsula near Paradise Lake.I rode an elephant, which I would brag about to every friend of mine back home till the end of time. It was both strange and amazing to enjoy the view around Paradise Lake on the back of a majestic elephant, I felt like a royalty! In the evening, I spent the night at the bungalow, not before enjoying a spectacular Highland traditional dance and music performance on stage.

CREDIT: baomoi.com

The next day we went to Datanla Waterfall, where the main activities of the tour started: hiking, abseiling, water sliding, and swimming. I was very excited because I had never abseiled before! But the trainers who were all experts in canyoning trained us thoroughly from A to Z, from how to tie a knot, how to wear a harness to how to abseil safely and easily. I had mastered most of them since I often went on adventures, so I was the first one in my group to get approved by canyoning professionals and expert guides to head down the first rappel. The descent was so exciting – launch yourself in the air, feet on the steep clip, rappel down, and land safely! I got to the river below, a spectacular waterfall right behind me.


We continued exploring the mesmerizing forest and lost ourselves in the wild, untouched surroundings. The sound of dozens kind of birds and insects made a unique harmony of the nature. Feeling calm, tranquil and in tuned with the world around you 
The highlight of the trip was definitely the natural water sliding.The place for sliding was stones eroded ideally into an up-and-down line, creating an exciting sliding path. I lost count of the times I slid down the rapid water, forward and backward, up and down, couldn’t get enough of it!

After the crazy water sliding, we took a walk along the river to go to the biggest challenge: real abseiling through the water in the biggest, hardest waterfall in Da Lat. Then we faced the sky-fall: free jumping from 11 meters high cliff into a deep lake. For an adrenaline junkie like me, this was heaven! Standing at the edge, I could felt goosebumps of excitement as I gathered courage for the jump. It was an exhilarating feeling, it felt like flying. In that moment, I felt invincible.

CREDIT: danlinphotography.com

After that was our last activity of the day. It was funny – I walked down until my back touched the waterfall, then the water would spin me around and clean my body – just like the Washing Machine that it was named after! It was a strange and funny experience, you should try it!

After about after 20 minutes of trekking uphill to our vehicle, we drove back to the city. All thing considered, I was very satisfied with my experiences, it was worth every penny. Definitely recommend it to anyone travelling near Da Lat (at least try the Washing Machine, really, you would be sorry to miss it).